Heartbreaking loss for the Bristol All Golds. 8-64.


The All Golds had their first loss of the season after suffering an 8-64 defeat to the visiting team the West Warriors.

The teams seemed hopeful with both sides scoring their first points within the first 10 minutes. But the Warriors made a statement that being late did not mean they were any less prepared, making double digits on the score bored before the All Golds got their second and last try.

Defence from both sides was good, and the All Golds managed to produce some moments of brilliance; but fundamentally the Warriors gave the home team a lot to think about over the upcoming week.

Full Report:

Bristol All Golds had their first loss of the season this weekend playing host to the West Warriors, bringing an end to their unbeaten streak.

The match was delayed until 15:00 due to travelling complications from the visitors; their players were forced to tape up on the bus, whilst the All Golds were preparing themselves in the grounds of Lockleaze Sports Centre.

Soon after the Warriors arrival, the game began. They quickly established they would be a formidable opponent with getting points on the board within the first five minutes. An early penalty was conceaded in favour of the visitors, and they took full advantage.

Players kept professional despite this setback. Captain Jack Uren (13) of the All Golds stripped the ball from West Warriors possession and made a line break to score the teams first try, virtually with a payer strapped to his back. Spirits were high again.

The ball was knocked on in the home 22 by the All Golds after the restart. The Warriors wasted no time. After the scrum was played, the visiting captain J. Payne (7) made a dummy pass to fool defenders and secure the second try.

The home team made an effort to keep the visitors within their half, and after two phases, Mason ball (3) stripped the ball. A penalty was then given to the All Golds for a high tackle against Ed Tait (10).

Defence from both sides want to a high standard, with technique being textbook and getting off the line quickly. Neither were able to break past the halfway line and were forced to kick.

The Warriors were awarded a penalty soon after which they kicked to the home 22. A far pass was made to C. Cecaric (5) on the wing who stepped on the inside to slam the ball down to extend the Warriors lead. It was converted by R. Walker (3).

All Golds Tom Baxter (18) was sent to the sin bin for a high tackle, leaving Bristol down one man for 10 minutes. Though standards didn’t slip; the Warriors knocked the ball on and a scrum was taken on the ‘50’ mark.

Henry Symons (2) and Mike Harrison (19) gained the team some much needed yeardage, which Callum Merrett capitalised on with a chip and chase to get the All Golds their second try.

An interception from the home team was dropped, awarding the visitors a penalty; at this point Tom Baxter was welcomed back onto the field, and Solomon Platt (15) was given his debut in substitution for Tega Rume-Tabiowo (11).

A try was quickly scored by West Warriors R. Walker (4) after the scrum.

HALF TIME: 28-8 to the Warriors.

Solomon Platt and Tom Baxter made a statement in the second half being involved in two tackles each of the first set, stopping the warriors from getting to the home half.

J. Payne scored his second try of the match from a late tackle penalty. Tega Rume-Tabiowo is subbed back on for Ed Tait.

The Bristol All Golds worked exceptionally hard to keep their defensive line together, getting battered and bruised to shove the opposition back from the try line, defending each tackle as if was the last in the set – but the Warriors were able to launch the ball far over to the wing and T. Gribble (3) extended their lead.

Mason Ball made an excellent shot on defence; the Warriors then pulled out left and J. Payne made an impressive line break on the wing, making tremendous ground. A simple pass to B. Nahu left him unchallenged to score under the posts.

The Warriros were on their final tackle, and kicked the ball as any team would typically do. Unfortunately for the all golds, due to the cruel nature of the balls shape, it bounced back to B. Cecaric (5) who made excellent pace and scored again.

Greg Hamilton (6) drew the defender in and made a short tip off to Chris Rees-Lloyd (12) who made a terrific line break out of nowhere taking the All Golds into the opposing 22. A long nudge from Owen Priest (9) gave the opportunity of a try but the Warriors held their nerve and made the fifth and last tackle.

Fatigue started to take hold in the chip and chase game. The ball was recovered from Warriors M. Ingham (2) and managed to pass multiple defenders from his own 22 to the All Golds 40 until he was taken down.

The All Golds are shown no mercy with multiple more try’s made by B. Cecaric and J. Payne scoring his hat-trick. Moral is lowered with simple errors being made – on the final restart of the game a penalty is given to the warriors for the All Golds being offside.

Chris Rees Lloyd is checked by the All Golds medic for a head injury.

The West Warriors made a strong effort to score once more before the end of play, but the ball was kicked into touch at the final whistle was blown.

FULL TIME. Final Score – 64-8 to the West Warriors.

It was a tough day for the All Golds, both as players and spectators. Some great defence was played, and effort was shown by all who played. However, being taken back from an early start and never being in front on the score bored must have had an affect on the team and errors were made. No doubt will give the team something to think about for the next fixture.


West Warriors:

B. Nahu, M. Ingham, T. Gribble, R. Walker, B. Cecaric, J. Thomas, J. Payne (Captain), D. Stock, L. O’Callaghan, K. Laumatia-Paki, J. Robertson, M. Large, M. Delvin,

Substitutes: A. Koch, S, Griffiths, S. Ikahihifo, Clement – Pascal.


O’ Callaghan (4), Payne (10, 42, 78), Cecaric (18, 53, 75), Thomas (28), Gribble (33), Walker (47), Nahu (50).


Walker – 10/11 successful.

Bristol All Golds;

Oli Winterbottom, Leon Atherton, Mason Ball, Dom Williams, Henry Symons, Greg Hamilton, Callum Merrett, Brandon Ball, Owen Preist, Chris Rees-Lloyd, Tega Rume-Tabiowo, Ed Tait, Jack Uren (Captain).

Substitution: Mike Harrison, Tom Baxter, Sol Platt, Adam Turner.

Travelling Reserve: Harry Mills.


Uren (8), Merrett (25).



Scoring Sequence: All Golds – West Warriors

0-4, 0-6, 4-6, 4-10, 4-14, 4-16, 8-16, 8-20, 8-22, 8-26, 8-28, 8-32, 8-34, 8-38, 8-40, 8-44, 8-46, 8-50, 8-52, 8-56, 8-58, 8-62, 8-64.


Bristol All Golds Player of the match: Callum Merrett.

Callum Merrett made an excellent play in the match despite the result. Scoring one of the teams only two try’s in the game, being resourceful with the limited opportunities he had.